Elite ➟ Supreme

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Package Description

[Elite [Supreme]


On Purchase Rewards



8 Diamonds


Your current kits will be replaced with the following kits:


/kit Supreme (every 24 hours)


24 Grass

24 Sand

24 Oak Logs

36 Cobblestone

16 Redstone

8 Gold Ingots

5 Emeralds

3 Diamonds


/kit Supreme-egg (every 24 hours)


6 of each non-hostile mob egg

(Cow, Chicken, Sheep, Pig, Mushroom Cow, Wolf, Squid

Ocelot, Horse, Llama, Polar Bear, Rabbit, Parrot)


You will gain access to these commands:


/setwarp (set your own warp(s) to any location in world.)

/teleport <username> (teleport to a player's location without asking.)


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