250.00 USD

Package Description



On Purchase Rewards



300 Diamonds


/kit Emperor (every 24 hours)


100 Grass

100 Sand

100 Oak Logs

192 Cobblestone

75 Redstone

32 Gold Ingots

24 Emeralds

12 Diamonds


/kit Emperor-egg (every 24 hours)


21 of each non-hostile mob egg

(Cow, Chicken, Sheep, Pig, Mushroom Cow, Wolf, Squid

Ocelot, Horse, Llama, Polar Bear, Rabbit, Parrot)


Commands included with Emperor Rank:


Colored Chat (/chatcolor - select a color to use in chat.)

/hat (hold a block and type this command to wear it on your head.)

/ptime (change your personal time - ex: /ptime Day)

/jump (teleport to or through a block in the direction you are facing.)

/feed (replenishes your hunger.)

/nick (set your own nickname to use in chat.)

/heal (completely restores your health.)

/setwarp (set your own warp(s) to any location in world.)

/teleport <username> (teleport to a player's location without asking.)

/fix (repairs any tool that you are holding.)

/god (become invincible to damage of any kind when enabled.)

/fly (allows you to fly around to build.)

/workbench (opens a workbench upon command.)

/enchant (enchant your own tools to use or sell to players.)

/spawnmob <mob> (spawn unlimited mobs for fighting.)

/speed (increase your speed for walking and flying.)


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